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Flight permits are essential for safe and legal aircraft operations and Skypermits has the ability to secure all required permits in a fast and efficient way, thanks to our trusted relationships with local civil aviation authorities. Skypermits looks after airspace clearance for a wide range of flights, from commercial airlines to VIP flight operators and emergency aviation.

We obtain permission for over-flying, landing, and making technical stops in any country in the shortest possible time for our clients, and at competitive prices. In addition to quickly securing your flight path, we can also settle all Civil Aviation charges on your behalf to the relevant Civil Aviation Authority.

More than 15 years of experience gives us the necessary understanding of different market requirements and we are up to date with new regulatory developments around the world.

Ground handling
We believe ground handling excellence is critical and we can arrange handling in the most diverse locations anywhere, we can offer reliable on-demand ground handling with speed, efficiency and accuracy. Our geographical reach is unrivalled and we are committed to delivering value for our clients. From ramp handling, passenger, cargo and luggage handling, hotel accommodation, meet and assist, catering and transportation, facilitation through customs and immigration, we can take care of all your requirements as follows.

- Ramp supervision, accommodation, catering and fueling
- Competitive fuel prices
- In-house flight planning and worldwide clearances
- Dedicated team for hotels, crew transport and crew visas
- Over 100 professionals providing full flight support services worldwide
- Security arrangements
- Customs and immigration
- Concierge services: hotel, limousine, flowers and shopping

Our aviation fuel services aim to offer you complete peace of mind we guarantee reliable, timely and efficient fuel supply. Benefiting from economies of scale, we are able to offer very competitive prices to our customers. The volume of fuel we purchase gives us the power to negotiate prices on behalf of our clients, and allows us to quote competitive rates. In addition, we can also provide fuel in the most difficult locations due to our long standing relationship with our suppliers.

The team of aviation fuel services professionals is on hand 24/7 to provide up-to-date aviation fuel price quotations. They will also ensure your needs are met as quickly as possible.

Our suppliers provide the following type of fuel:
- Jet A1
- Avgas 100 L

Our team of professional and certified dispatchers uses flight planning systems to provide reliable and accurate flight plans that work in compliance with Air Traffic Control requirements around the world.

Our own in-house certified dispatchers can tailor-make the flight plans according to your needs by combining different flight planning systems that give the most optimum flight plan for clients.

Skypermits are able to provide tailored flight plans based on several parameters including flight destinations, aircraft performance, weather conditions and others, ensuring fuel efficient and time accurate flight, while putting safety and security first. Our flight planning services include:
- Flight Crew Briefings
- ATC Filings
- Test Plans
- Route Analysis
- Data Uplink
- Flight Tracking

weather forcast
our business aviation weather product delivers the information your pilots need to make the correct decisions. Skypermits has a dedicated team who produce accurate worldwide graphics and forecasts through expert analysis and customized programming.

Airport meet & assist
Airport Meet and Assist Services We provide exclusive Meet and Assist services for executives, families and VIPs that need a fast track solution through all airport formalities upon arrival, departure or transit. Your designated supervisor will meet you curbside and assist you through security and immigration, baggage collection and offer porter services, meanwhile monitoring updates on any flight delays or gate changes in real-time.

Our premium airport services involve:
- Dedicated one-to-one escort from arrivals
- Passenger transportation from the aircraft to passport control
- Arrangement of airport pickup and drop off
- Expedited check-in, passport and customs control
- Customized VIP lounge experience
- Porter services, loading/unloading and carrying of luggage

visa assistance
Visa Assistance Taking care of visa issues can be such a hassle, especially when you have to meet certain deadlines and have a busy schedule. We can take care of all this for you, making sure all requirements are met with the minimum of fuss.

For almost a decade, VIPs and corporate clients have trusted Skypermits to make visa arrangements for them to avoid issues with processing and immigration.

We assist in the most critical cases as below:
- Entry visas for VIPs coming on a charter flight. To steer clear of immigration problems, you can rely on Skypermits to make sure you face no problems
- Visa for stopover (transit)
- Short notice visas – with such a significant amount of ad hoc flights and last minute changes, we recognize the importance of being able to arrange short notice visas, and we work to the best of our capability to maintain our reputation as the flight support provider that can arrange services on short notice
- Crew on a commercial flight – a lot of airlines relies on us to arrange visas for their crew. Regardless of the number of crew traveling on the flight, we do our very best to organize visas required for all
- Crew staying on general declaration in the country longer than what the regulations allow

Serving airlines and pleasing your passengers is what we do all day, every day, in every corner of the world.
Meeting the needs of the airline industry is what we’re best known for, and it’s still at the heart of our business today. For over 15 years, we’ve lived the highs and the lows of this exciting arena alongside our airline customers. We understand their needs, concerns and joys.

Skypermits fulfills those needs, whether it’s a small regional airline or a global 5-star carrier, with individual products to full-service concepts.

Our airline services are based on a combination of passenger insight, airline demands, knowledge of the aviation market, general trend analysis and the hands-on experience that can only come with decades of catering to the demanding environment of the aircraft cabin.